Valentines Day SMS

You are the DREAM in my SLEEP. You are my VISION in my EYES. You are my SMILE on my LIPS. You are BEATS of my HEART. You are ANGEL in my PRAYER. You are LIGHT of my LIFE. Happy Valentine’s Day Dear.

Hum tere sath chalenge tu chale na chale, tera har dard sahenge tu kahe ya na kahe, hum chahte hai ki tum sada khush raho, hum chahe rahe ya na rahe..

Love cannot be bounded in any boundries of a particular day It’s the only requirement of a person from birth to death. Still to feel its presence and for our expressions, we celebrate valentines day.

Let’s share the world A sea is for YOU, and waves are for ME. The sky is for YOU, and stars are for ME. The sun is for YOU, and light is for ME. Everything is for YOU, and you are for ME.

Na to YAADO ko yaad rakhte hain Na hi SAPNO ko saath rakhte hain Hum to buss unko yaad rakte hain Jo hamein dil ke pass rakhte hain. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Love,is more than what I have. Love,is more than what you are. Love,takes me where I have never been. Love,takes me where I am 2day. In love,it is what I am with U.

With every breath I take, with every song I sing. I think about U, about the love and care. With which U touch my life. .. Happy Valentines day!!!

If you were my valentine I would search the endless SKIES to find the perfect starlight that would compliment Ur EYES and keep it in a wishing well created just for you & filled with my desires 2 make all ur DREAMS come true.

Kaun rakhta hai yaad naamo ko, Log chehere ko bhool jatey hain, Tum samunder ke baat karti ho, Log aankhon mein doob jatey hain. happy valentines day.

You are my love & You are my valentine… I do love you & it’s true, I never knew my life without YOU I wanna live but it’s only with YOU Please be my valentine, I will hold you for 4rever!!

Love is Happiness of Today Promise of Tomorrow So this Warm Note comes to You, To Say that Live Life with a heart full of Love Happy Valentine’s Day Dear.

Palko se ankho ki hifajat hoti hai, dhadkane dil ke amant hoti hain, ye dosti ka rishta bhi bada pyara hai mere yaar, kabhi chahat to kabhi shikayat hoti he.

You got a new Messages.. Day & Night & all the moments in B/W.. all i do is think of U! Happy Valentine’s Day U!!

What is common b/w good friends & Valentine’s? they fill the heart with love & smiles! Happy Valentine’s Day to my friend who brightens up so many.

A friend like you is like a precious gem.. hard to find.. difficult to part with & treasured forever.. Happy Valentine’s Day! to a special Frnd!!!